Hummus Bros (Holborn)

Since beginning this blog, I’ve too often drifted away from the core idea: reviewing food that’s affordable – on a regular basis – for students in London. I’m confident that this post is a step back in the right direction, and it will also be of appropriate reading for those enduring a self-righteous January health kick (i.e. pretty much everyone, myself included). In pursuit of cheap, wholesome food, I stumbled across a Time Out £5 lunch offer at Hummus Bros.

What do they do?

The clue really is in the name. For the avoidance of doubt, though: Hummus Bros sell hummus. You can opt for a hummus bowl with topping(s) and pitta, or for a flatbread wrap with tortilla chips. In any event, an array of salads, extras and side dishes are on offer. Their lunchtime prices range from £5.65 for small hummus bowls, £4.95 for wraps, £1 for extras, and £1.60 for side salads – prices in the evening are a little higher.

What did we have?

The offer we snagged was for a bowl, salad and drink – all for £5. Both of us chose the Beef & Aubergine bowl, accompanied by the Falafel Salad.



As you can see, we were given a pretty hefty base of hummus, and a fairly generous helping of beef and aubergine. In fact, there was almost too much hummus – each bowl comes with 1 pitta, and it was a bit of a struggle to mop up all of the hummus with that. (Note to self, get an extra pitta next time.) Even so, I’d rather have too much hummus than too much pitta, so no complaints can really be made here! The beef was tender and had a real depth and richness to it, and the aubergine complemented this excellently; the chilli powder offered a real kick which also went down very nicely.

In all honesty, the bowl itself would’ve been ample sustenance, but the accompanying salad was welcome nonetheless. Craving more chick peas, the falafel didn’t disappoint – it was fluffy and bursting with flavour. I might even go as for to say that the falafel persuaded me that perhaps I could survive vegetarianism for one meal if this was on the menu. Perhaps.

Sitting on a bed of fresh, crisp salad, and tzatziki, this gave at least the illusion, if not quite the reality, of a healthy, nutritious side.



I pinched the final Fresh Mint and Ginger Lemonade, so Mike opted for Fresh Apple Juice. Both received high praise, being highly concentrated and very refreshing (and, again, reasonably healthy!)

The Verdict

Value for money – 5/5: We couldn’t really argue with the value, here. The food was excellent and plentiful, and £5 for a main, side and a drink is pretty much unheard of in Central London.

Pretentiousness – 1/5: Hummus Bros was modern and was nicely done, but very authentically, with down-to-earth staff.

Atmosphere – 3/5: This outlet makes its money out of local workers fetching a quick takeaway lunch, so the emphasis isn’t on a particularly grand interior, but it’s perfectly nice – nothing out of the ordinary.

Fans of hummus are pretty easy to please: throw chick peas in various forms in front of them and they’ll be happy. That being said, Hummus Bros pulled it off much more well than most do – generous portions and attention to detail with the toppings (and the flavours within) make this a stand-out spot. I definitely won’t be left without a viable option next time I’m keen for a filling, wholesome lunch!


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