Franco Manca (Berwick Street) – Review

As avid readers of my blog (if such creatures exist) will be aware, I have previously written about my pursuit of pizza pilgrimage. In doing so, I claimed that Franco Manca got the better of Pizza Pilgrims, in the battle for the best sourdough pizza that a student budget can afford. It would be remiss, therefore, … Continue reading Franco Manca (Berwick Street) – Review


Le Swine – Review

On a recent hungover morning, my animalistic instincts kicked in: I needed a bacon sandwich. Having had the fortune of being raised in Yorkshire - where bacon is an institution perhaps more than anywhere else - I was somewhat tentative as to what poncey spin London might put on my sacred, Northern bacon butty. Nonetheless, my (embarrassingly vast) research … Continue reading Le Swine – Review

SMITHS of Smithfield – Review

DISCLAIMER: Okay, I have to confess that this post doesn't really fit with the 'student eating' vibe - it was a very generous pre-graduation treat - but it was too good not to blog about. Following the (probably permanent) closure of Fabric, it's fair to say that fewer people will be tempted to venture into … Continue reading SMITHS of Smithfield – Review

Pizza Pilgrims (Kingly Court) – Review

As something of a pizza addict, it's tempting to start this post by describing myself as a pizza pilgrim. However, the word 'pilgrim' connotes travelling - for most of my life, my pizza needs have been dealt with by Domino's. Lazy as I may be, I can hardly describe the journey to the front door as … Continue reading Pizza Pilgrims (Kingly Court) – Review