Coda Dessert Bar (Berlin)

After a brief hiatus to deal with the less appealing aspects of student life (exams), Sym's Big Day Out is back with a special review from Berlin! Known for being at the cutting edge of, well, pretty much everything, it's no surprise that Berlin has its fair share of innovative and creative food concepts. As … Continue reading Coda Dessert Bar (Berlin)


Hummus Bros (Holborn)

Since beginning this blog, I've too often drifted away from the core idea: reviewing food that's affordable - on a regular basis - for students in London. I'm confident that this post is a step back in the right direction, and it will also be of appropriate reading for those enduring a self-righteous January health … Continue reading Hummus Bros (Holborn)

Yauatcha (Soho)

As my inamo review¬†showed, my discovery of East Asian food is still very much in its infancy. In an attempt¬†to flourish in my understanding of such food, I soon found myself in Yauatcha's Soho restaurant, in pursuit of of a variety of dim sum dishes on a student budget. Those familiar with London's restaurant scene … Continue reading Yauatcha (Soho)