Hummus Bros (Holborn)

Since beginning this blog, I've too often drifted away from the core idea: reviewing food that's affordable - on a regular basis - for students in London. I'm confident that this post is a step back in the right direction, and it will also be of appropriate reading for those enduring a self-righteous January health … Continue reading Hummus Bros (Holborn)


Tramshed (Mark Hix) – Review

Tramshed is Mark Hix's contribution to Shoreditch, with the simple aim of delivering chicken and steak in an elegant manner. Indeed, the Damien Hirst installation, Cock and Bull, in the centre of the restaurant means that it is hard for any diner to forget the purpose of this converted electricity generation station. The previous sentence perhaps … Continue reading Tramshed (Mark Hix) – Review

Le Swine – Review

On a recent hungover morning, my animalistic instincts kicked in: I needed a bacon sandwich. Having had the fortune of being raised in Yorkshire - where bacon is an institution perhaps more than anywhere else - I was somewhat tentative as to what poncey spin London might put on my sacred, Northern bacon butty. Nonetheless, my (embarrassingly vast) research … Continue reading Le Swine – Review