Yauatcha (Soho)

As my inamo review showed, my discovery of East Asian food is still very much in its infancy. In an attempt to flourish in my understanding of such food, I soon found myself in Yauatcha's Soho restaurant, in pursuit of of a variety of dim sum dishes on a student budget. Those familiar with London's restaurant scene … Continue reading Yauatcha (Soho)


Pizza Pilgrims (Kingly Court) – Review

As something of a pizza addict, it's tempting to start this post by describing myself as a pizza pilgrim. However, the word 'pilgrim' connotes travelling - for most of my life, my pizza needs have been dealt with by Domino's. Lazy as I may be, I can hardly describe the journey to the front door as … Continue reading Pizza Pilgrims (Kingly Court) – Review